Tranport Maps : Maps submission page

Bellow stand the submission form to have your towns maps available on the android Transport Maps application.

Please fill the field bellow, your map will then be processed by an administrator before it becomes available on the application

Most of the public transport web sites provide the maps in .pdf format wich is NOT currently supported by the android phones.

You can use The Gimp(Free Software) or the software of your choice to convert the map to a .jpg format.

Please shrink the image to a maximum resolution of 2500x2500 pixels, otherwise the phone application will run out of memory and crash.

Please also provide a comprehensive icon for your map in .png format, resolution 45x45 pixels.

Your email will only be used in case of problem with the map you provide.

It will be removed from our database as soon as the map becomes online for the android application.

If you need some support to add a map, you can contact us at

Thank you for your content!

Please fill the fields in English only!
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